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Get Access To The MOST FULL FEATURED And DIVERSE Grappling and BJJ Learning Site Ever. If You Can Find A Site With More Resources We’ll Give You A Free Membership!

There Is A Reason Why 1,000′s Of Grapplers Are On The Grapplers Guide!

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Since 2007 The Grapplers Guide Has Been Setting The Stage For Membership Sites. The Other Sites Can’t Catch Up!

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You Can Look At Content And Watch Videos On Both Our Desktop Version And Our Very User Friendly Mobile Version As Well!

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Full Featured Mobile Version That Is Easy On The Eyes!

In the Grapplers Guide mobile version you'll find most of the same features that you can find in the desktop version. It is very user friendly and also easy on the eyes. More people in the world are primarily using mobile devices and the Grapplers Guide is prepared. We are one of the few premium sites with a mobile version and we boast the most user friendly version around.

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Slider Navigation To Get To All Of The Useful Sections!

The Grapplers Guide mobile version has a slider navigation that is unique compared to any other membership site that we know of. We have not found any other premium grappling and BJJ site that has a mobile version of their site that comes even close to the Grapplers Guide. All the important features are right there for you.

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Mobile Compatible Video Right At Your Fingertips!

You'll be able to watch all of the videos that are on the Grapplers Guide on your mobile devices whether you choose to watch them right from the Grapplers Guide website or if you decide to download them to your device. You'll also have the ability to post comments and participate in discussions easily as well.

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The Resources You Need Right On Your Phone With You!

You'll find a resources section on the Grapplers Guide mobile version where you can easily navigate to the section you are looking for so then you can quickly look up content or create a post so you can ask our GG 2.0 experts and or fellow members questions about your training that you need help with. We are also improving our mobile site all the time.

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More Site Features That No Other BJJ and Grappling Membership Site Has!

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    Community Focused Features

    You will find features and sections all over the community promoting interaction and learning.

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    Save Favorites

    Save your favorite videos, posts, documents, articles, tracking sheets, and more to your favorites so you can come back and review them.

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    Create Blogs / Training Logs

    We have a dedicated section where you can create your own blog or training log. This is another feature that promotes learning, community, and accountability.

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    Categories and Sections

    Our community is organized in common category and sections so you can easily look for a particular topic to study or discuss.

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    Customizable Profile

    Like no other site the Grapplers Guide has the most customizable profile and we have many members who are proud to show their experience and we look forward to seeing promotion of our members.

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    Personal Photo Gallery

    Grapplers Guide 2.0 members can share their training experiences through photos and imagery.  Post on other members photos and interact with the community.

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    Private Messaging System

    Send experts and users private messages and discuss training with them one on one.  We encourage open interaction but we also understand the need for personal interaction as well.

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    Member Tagging

    This is one of our best features, where you can “mention” and “tag’ members in conversations or posts and then that user will get notified that they have been mentioned. This is a great feature for promoting community interaction.

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