These Back Mount Concepts Help Solve Some Of The Most Common Back Mount Problems That Grapplers Face

Problem #1: I Lose My Hooks, Can You Help Me With This? ...Some Solutions:

Keeping Leg And Hook Control Plus Re-Adjustment Tips

Problem #2:  Do I Always Have To Have My Hooks In With Back Mount? ...Some Solutions:

Staying Connected To Opponent's Back Even Without Hooks

The Importance Of Upper Body Control And How It Can Be More Important Than Having Hooks In

Problem #3: My Opponent Keep Dropping Over To The "Weak" Side ...Some Solutions:

Having Proper Head Position For Good Control

Problem #4: My Handing Fighting Isn't Good And I Can't Get Choking Position ...Some Solutions:

Some Hand Fighting Tips For "Strong" Side and "Weak" Side

Problem #5: How Can I Improve My Gi Chokes From The Back? ...Some Solutions:

The Importance Of Getting The Gi Choking Grip First

Problem #5: What Can I Do When I'm Losing The Back Mount Position? ...Some Solutions:

Understanding "ReGrouping" To Stay In Control

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