These Closed Guard Concepts Help Solve Some Of The Most Common Closed Guard Problems That Grapplers Face

Introduction: We Surveyed Over 60,000 Grapplers To Find Out The Most Common Closed Guard Problems!‚Äč

Problem #1: I Can't Break My Opponents Posture, Please Help! ...Some Solutions:

Break Their Posture Using The Swim Method - Their Hands Are Down On Your Body

Break Their Posture Using The Elbow Pull Method - Their Elbows Are In

Break Posture Of Someone Who Has One Elbow In And One Arm Posted Out

Tips For Breaking Posture In The Gi (NOTE: No-Gi Posture Breaks Work Too!)

Break The Posture Of Someone Who Uses Active Hands To Keep Their Posture On You

Break Posture When Their Hands Are In Your Armpits - Using The Arm Across Method

Break Posture When Their Hands Are In Your Armpits - Using The Elbows In Method

Problem #2:  I'm Told I Need To Angle In Closed Guard But Don't Know How ...Some Solutions:

Tips To Help You Get Angles When Playing Closed Guard

Problem #3: How Can I Set Up Sweeps From The Closed Guard? ...Some Solutions:

Tips And Concepts For Getting Sweeps From The Closed Guard

Problem #4: I Have Trouble Stopping My Opponent From Standing Up ...Some Solutions:

Tips To Stop Your Opponent From Standing Inside Your Closed Guard

Problem #5: What Are Some Grip Fighting Tips To Help Me Get Better Control Of Them ...Some Solutions:

How The "Follow The Hand" Method Can Help You Stop Your Opponent's Grips And Break Their Posture

Problem #6: I Have Short Legs Or Short & Stocky Legs, What Should I Do? ...Some Solutions:

Closed Guard With Short or Short & Stocky Legs

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