Learn A Butterfly Half Guard System That Works Against BIGGER Opponents!

This System Helps Keep The Big Guys At Bay!

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Learn How To Use The "Fishing Pole" Grip Butterfly Half Guard Effectively! PLUS A BONUS SEMINAR IS INCLUDED!

  • Use the Butterfly Half Guard Fishing Pole Grip to sweep bigger opponents and get on top!
  • Get a COMPLETE system that talks about how to defend and counter the most common reactions to this Fishing Pole Grip system!
  • BONUS SEMINAR INCLUDED! You will also get access to a seminar that contains contains Michael Perez's favorite amd most effective competition techniques!

So What's In This Awesome Program With ADCC Trials Winner and Brown Belt No-Gi World Champion Michael Perez?...

The "Fishing Pole" Basics

  • Learn Important Position Tips Of The Fishing Pole Butterfly Half Guard!
  • Learn The Fundamental Sweep Of The Fishing Pole Half Guard!
  • Learn How To Establish The Fishing Pole Grip From Different Situations!
  • Go From The Fishing Pole Sweep to High Percentage X-Guard Sweeps!
  • Get Successful Arm Drags Against Your Opponent When Your Opponent Tries To Stop Your Fundamental Sweep!

"Fishing Pole" Follow-Ups

  • Attack With Follow Up Leg Locks!
  • Learn To Beat Your Opponent During The Scramble!
  • Follow Up Attacks If You End Up In Your Opponent's Half Guard!
  • Stop Your Opponent From Using The "Baby Hook" from Half Guard On Bottom!
  • Learn High Percentage X-Guard Follow-Ups From When Your Opponent Steps Up!

Stopping Common Reactions

  • Counter Your Opponent's Double Under Positions!
  • Counter Your Opponent's Over/Under Pass Attempts!
  • Counter Your Opponent's Leg Lace Smash Pass!
  • Stop The Stack Pass Attempts From Your Opponent!
  • Learn What To Do When Your Opponent Pulls Away Or Plants Their Hand!
  • Deal With Your Opponent's Knee Cutter Pass and Counter!

Submission Attacks and Back Takes

  • Counter attack with Guillotines!
  • Leg lock follow-up attacks!
  • Stack Pass Counter To Triangle Choke Follow-Up!
  • Use The Fishing Pole Butterfly Half Guard To Take Your Opponent's Back!
  • Catch Your Opponent In The Very Strong Crucifix Position!

FREE BONUS! 1 Hour Bonus Seminar! 

As a FREE BONUS we are giving you additional VIDEOS from one of Mike Perez's seminars where he shows his favorite techniques he likes to hit in competition! You are going to get Mike's:

  • Closed Guard Wrist Lock Triple Attack!
  • Kangaroo Guard Sweeps!
  • Kangaroo Guard Ankle Lock!
  • Chin Strap Pass!
  • And Addition Details To Add To Your Game!


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