Here we are back with another Grapplers Guide 2.0 member update! This is a big one!

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1. Lots of new video added! - As usual we have added lots of new videos and content on the Grapplers Guide! You probably didn't think I was serious when I said there will be updates even when you have a lifetime membership lol. Most of the time the new video we put up are in a series or are for a new section. The new videos we have put up recently are a bit different. Every time someone asks a question and the answer is not on the Grapplers Guide, I write it down on my "Need to Film" list so then I can film it later on for the members. So basically I try to pay attention to what you guys need and are looking for, I write it down, and then create content for that later on. I always try to listen! Some things that were added (this is not a whole list)

  • Pass Prevention Videos
  • Some New Conceptual Principals
  • More Half Guard Options
  • New Attacking Videos
  • Escape Options
  • And More

I usually post a link to the direct sections or videos but since it's a lot of new videos from many different sections it's not as easy. Just login and then take a look at the "recent videos" scroll bar at the top to see what videos are new. Click here to login or go to the main page

2. New premium GrappleFlow section and pruning bare charts! As you may know the GrappleFlows are a very unique and useful part of the Grapplers Guide and as time goes on we are going to be adding more premium created GrappleFlow charts for you all. We have created a bottom half guard dedicated GrappleFlow section with flow chart scenarios for the major bottom half guard positions that will help you out a lot. Stay tuned because we are going to be adding A LOT of premium GrappleFlows soon!

Click here to go the new bottom half guard GrappleFlows or click the ´╗┐image´╗┐ below.

Also for those who have created GrappleFlows that are very incomplete and are older than 1 month old, I'll be changing your charts settings to "private" instead of public. This will remove them from the GrappleFlow directory. The reason for this is so we can keep the directory clean with complete premium and user created charts. Your charts will note be deleted, just have the settings changed. Once you complete your charts, if you want them to be displayed you can then change the settings back to public.

3. November Assignment Has Began! - You heard correctly! We started a brand new assignment for you all on the Grapplers Guide. If you chose to do any assignment this should definitely be the one to do because it can help you out a lot. Seriously, everyone benefits from assignments. You learn lots of really good stuff and you get a chance to win cool prizes like:

  • A new Gameness Gi or...
  • A new Gameness rashguard/shorts combo set or...
  • A $75 gift certificate to any online store that has online gife cards.

We don't just have one winner either, there will be three in total! The current assignment is related to "Game Planning" - Click here to read all of the details about the assignment

4. Grapplers Guide 3.0 is Still On Track! I've been working with my programmers everyday and Grapplers Guide 3.0 is still on track to be released by the end of this year! As we get closer I'll post what new features are going to be added and give you even more details. It's going to be awesome to have a new site ready for all of you! Remember you get upgraded to all new version of the Grapplers Guide for life.

5. New Grapplers Guide T-Shirts and Hoodies Coming Soon! So I did a poll on our private Facebook group asking if everyone would be interested in getting a Grapplers Guide member shirt and the response was huge. Tons of people interested in the new GG shirts coming and even requested hooded sweatshirts as well. So I'm going to make it happen. We initially had a vote on t-shirt color but after talking to my t-shirt printers, it looks like we can offer our new GG shirts in every color! So you'll have a good choice of options. Check out the image below of the shirts.

You can also click here or the image below to see a bigger view of them.

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That's all for now. We'll see you on the site. If you have any questions or comments, always feel free to send a message!

Jason Scully
BJJ Black Belt
The Grapplers Guide

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