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Why Is The Grapplers Guide A 5-Star Rated Site?


The Grapplers Guide was first established in 2007 and was one of only two premium grappling membership sites during that time. While the other original membership site fell off the Grapplers Guide has continued to grow and thrive. 


The Grapplers Guide is currently the only full featured premium grappling membership site with a constant growing library of useful content that offers lifetime memberships. While there may be smaller programs available for lifetime membership from other sources, the Grapplers Guide is the only lifetime site that is just as active as any successful monthly recurring site online. 


The biggest issue with joining a membership website for a recurring fee is to pay that on going monthly payment only to be a part of a site that doesn't add much content or is not active at all. They don't add new features on a regular basis and they may not be involved with the members. The Grapplers Guide is the exact opposite. We are always adding new content, features, and interacting with members. 


While the Grapplers Guide has over 4,200 videos and growing, that's not the only thing that makes this a great site. We encourage community and interaction. While not required it helps everyone overall. 

Check Out All Of These Great Resources That Are INCLUDED With Grapplers Guide 3.0!

The Grapplers Guide Is Filled With Programs Covering All Aspects of Grappling

Fundamentals, Concepts, and Combos Programs

Fundamentals Program

Over 254 Videos - Sells For $61

Complete fundamentals program with techniques, principles, concepts, drills and more.

Grappling Concepts Program

Over 470 Videos - Sells For $122

The largest and most comprehensive grappling concepts program online.

Grappling Combos Program

Over 200 Videos - GG 3.0 Exclusive

Access to lots of grappling combination demonstrations to get ideas of how to attack your opponent.

Transitions Program

Over 160 Videos - Sells For $61

Learn about transitions and scrambles. This is a subject that is vary rarely taught in live classes.

Self-Defense Program

Over 26 Videos - GG 3.0 Exclusive

The aspect of this program is not just about generic self-defense techniques but also philosophy. 

Training Discussions

Grapplers Guide 3.0 Exclusive

Talk with like minded grapplers from all over the world and every skill level. Get community support.

Drilling Specific Programs

Solo Drills Progam

Over 350 Videos - Sells For $61

This is the largest solo grappling drills program you will find anywhere. Create grappling specific workouts. 

Partner Drills Program

Over 73 Videos - GG 3.0 Exclusive

Learn lots of partner drills you can do with your teammates to improve your movements.

Short And Sweet Demos

Over 22 Videos - Popular Vids Archived

These are the famous "X Techniques in Y Minutes" videos archived and downloadable.

Brainstorming Program

Grapplers Guide 3.0 Exclusive

Learn our specific method of brainstorming to help you troubleshoot and discover options on your own. 

Escape Specific Programs

Submission Escapes Program

Over 106 Videos - Sells For $61

Submission escapes are very important. Without them you'll keep getting finished. This program will help.

Position Escapes Program

Over 150 Videos - Sells For $61

You'll have more position escape options than you need. Get out of those bad spots. 

Position Specific Programs

Closed Guard Program

Over 174 Videos - Sells For $61

The biggest closed guard program anywhere. Learn about all major and not so major closed guards. 

Open Guard Program

Over 253 Videos - Sells For $61

The open guard is a necessity. In this comprehensive program you'll learn a ton about the open guard. 

Half Guard Program

Over 241 Videos - Sells For $61

Half guard is one of the most dynamic guards.  This huge program will give you great half guard options. 

Sweeps Program

Over 214 Videos - Sells For $61

This sweeps program is sure to help you find options to sweep your opponent from your guard. 

Guard Passing Program

Over 284 Videos - Sells For $61

If you are looking for good guard passing options then this program has you covered with lots of videos. 

Top Control Program

Over 192 Videos - Sells For $61

Learn how to control your opponent from the top and then attack them with effective submissions. 

Back Attacks Program

Over 174 Videos - Sells For $61

This program has many back taking options along with submissions. Attack the back and capitalize. 

Turtle & Crucifix Program

Over 151 Videos - Sells For $61

Learn options from the top turtle and crucifix position to use against your opponent's in this large program.

Takedown Program

Over 172 Videos - Sells For $61

All matches and fights start from the feet. The takedown section will help you get ideas to work from there. 

Truck Position Program

Over 32 Videos - Sells For $31

Take advantage of the unique "Truck" position. Get the "truck" from many situations and scenarios. 

Submission Specific Programs

Triangle Chokes Program

Over 85 Videos - Sells For $61

With the triangle choke program you'll never run out of triangle options to attack your opponents with. 

Armlocks Program

Over 140 Videos - Sells For $61

Learn armlocks from top, bottom, back mount, and more with this very diverse armlocks program. 

Wrist Locks Program

Over 53 Videos - Sells For $35

Wrist locks are very under taught and under utilized but the Grapplers Guide has you covered. 

Omoplata Program

Over 111 Videos - Sells For $61

If you need omoplata options to use against your opponents then this is the right program for you. 

Keylocks Program

Over 121 Videos - Sells For $61

Learn many kimura and americana keylocks to lock up your opponent's shoulder and make them tap.

No-Gi Chokes Program

Over 106 Videos - Sells For $61

Train no-gi? If so we have tons of choke specific attacks for you to do without wearing the kimono. 

Gi Chokes Program

Over 105 Videos - Sells For $61

Make use of your gi and even your opponent's gi to submit them with different choke submissions.

Leg Locks Program

Over 131 Videos - Sells For $61

Learn the forbidden art of attacking the legs with this very big and diverse leg lock program. 

Specialty Programs

Reilly Bodycomb Program

Over 101 Videos - Sells For $61

Reilly Bodycomb's intensive 3-day leg lock training camp exclusively for Grapplers Guide members. 

Vlad Koulikov Program

Over 105 Videos - Sells For $61

Learn takedowns from Sambo Master Vlad Koulikov. He shows you effective gi and no-gi takedown options. 

10 Planet JJ Program

Grapplers Guide 3.0 Exclusive

Our 10th planet experts share with you concepts from their special system. Learn rubber guard and more!

Jared Weiner Program

Grapplers Guide 3.0 Exclusive

This program contains 2 seminars from 3rd degree BJJ Black Belt Jared Weiner. There's some good stuff here. 

Trenton Cooke Program

Grapplers Guide 3.0 Exclusive

Alliance HQ Black Belt Trenton Cooke Shows his super effective guard passing techniques against Spider Guard and De La Riva Guard!

Mike Perez Program

Grapplers Guide 3.0 Exclusive

ADCC Veteran and Atos HQ Black Belt Michael Perez shares his Fishing Pole Butterfly Half Guard System he uses against much bigger opponents!

Andris Brunovskis Program

Grapplers Guide 3.0 Exclusive

Learn how use your lapel and your opponent's lapel against them with Atos HQ Black Belt Andris Brunovskis' killer lapel attacks program! Andris is a master on the master! 

Dan Covel Program

Grapplers Guide 3.0 Exclusive

Marcelo Garcia student Dan Covel discusses his devastating pressure passing system with you. Covering the Sao Paolo Pass system, pressure half guard passing, and more! 

Aarom Milam Program

Grapplers Guide 3.0 Exclusive

3rd Degree John Danaher Black Belt Aaron Milam has techniques that absolutely crush people! Learn unique guard attacks, his back attack system, and more!

All Future Experts!

Grapplers Guide 3.0 Exclusive

Grapplers Guide members get access to all new content! We seek out experts that bring highly effective options to you all! We're always adding more!

Tips, Resources, and Worksheets

Training Tip Articles

Grapplers Guide 3.0 Exclusive

Read grappling tips in the exclusive Grapplers Guide tips section to help you with many areas and topics.

Training Worksheets

Grapplers Guide 3.0 Exclusive

Use these worksheets to track your progress, analyze your game, and get more prepared in your training.

Analysis and Assignments

Members Critique

Grapplers Guide 3.0 Exclusive

This is a special section where members post videos of themselves to get positive critiques to learn from.


Grapplers Guide 3.0 Exclusive

Participate in monthly assignments that focus on specific areas to help you improve your grappling.

Video Analysis

Grapplers Guide 3.0 Exclusive

Watch video analysis of high level grapplers in action with breakdown of what they are doing to be effective.

Technical Compendiums

Grapplers Guide 3.0 Exclusive

These are large collections of info on specific topics from a GG member that we archived in one place.  

Exercise and Nutrition

Nutrition Discussions

Grapplers Guide 3.0 Exclusive

Talk to other Grapplers Guide members about how they approach their nutrition for their training. 

S & C Discusssions

Grapplers Guide 3.0 Exclusive

Discuss with members about strength and conditioning. Get ideas and approaches to work with.

Exercise Demonstrations

Grapplers Guide 3.0 Exclusive

Here you will find hundreds of exercise demonstrations to help you pick from to add to your workouts. 

Grappling Workouts

Grapplers Guide 3.0 Exclusive

Get workout ideas from the Grapplers Guide custom workout programs. Try them out or create your own. 

That's Not All Either, There's More Good Stuff!

Access to All of Our Future Programs = Never Stop Learning!

The programs you see listed on our website is not where we stop. As we add more programs to the Grapplers Guide you will always get access to those new programs as well. We are planning on adding: Competition Programs, Game Planning Programs, and more!


Interactive Video Flow Charts and Mind Maps

We had our programmers program a very special flow chart and mind mapping software that you can use to create your own maps of your game and more. Plus, we also create premium maps for the members to use as well to analyze their game. This is unique to the Grapplers Guide. 


Custom Favorites Folders and Custom Playlist Folders

With Grapplers Guide 3.0 you will now have the ability to create unlimited custom folders for you favorites so you can organize your favorite content in a manner that will help you learn faster. PLUS you also have the option to create your own custom playlists as well!


Access to our private Facebook Group

You will also get access to our private Grapplers Guide Facebook community with many like minded grapplers. This group helps dictate the direction the Grapplers Guide takes in regards to content, feature additions, and site improvements.


Monthly Prize Giveaways = Thousands of dollars in prizes given to members!

Every month we have very simple to enter contests where you will have a chance to win gis, rashguards, shorts, gift cards, and other cool stuff. On top of that the contests will help you learn and become a better grapplers. We have given away over $20,000 in prizes so far!


Gear Discounts = Exclusive Grapplers Guide Discounts (Up to 50% Off)!

Another exclusive to the Grapplers Guide is that you can order gis, rashgaurds, shorts, and other grappling gear for up to 50% off. We have the most competitive rates you will ever find anywhere for grappling gear. Just let us know what you're interested in from our list of qualified items and you'll be all set. 


Free Lifetime Upgrades 

You read that correctly! All Grapplers Guide 3.0 members will forever get upgraded to the newer version of the Grapplers Guide as it becomes available.  We are constantly improving the Grapplers Guide for our members. We always ask for feedback and take note of the ideas that are given by the members. 


Downloadable Content = More Ways To Access and View The Resources!

Unlike most premium grappling site online, the Grapplers Guide never restricts you from downloading the content.  You paid for a lifetime membership so you should be able to put the content onto any device that you own.  If something isn't downloadable for you, just tell us and we'll make it downloadable. 

Here's What You Get When You Order Today:

  • Over 4,900 Videos To Help You Improve Your Entire Grappling Game!
  • Access To The Grapplers Guide Exclusive GrappleFlow Mind Map / Flow Chart Software!
  • Community Support From Experts And Follow Grapplers!
  • The Most Diverse And Comprehensive Grappling Learning Resource Created!
  • The Grapplers Guide Is Literally An Encyclopedia Of Content And Knowledge!


  • Everything listed is only $147. That's all, and you'll get access to it right away! (The original price is $297, so you are saving $150!). After the timer above expires then the price goes back up to the original cost. You'll also never have to pay anything again. No recurring monthly fees and no recurring yearly fees. Just make you investment and then you're done!
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