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The amount of content offered will give you options to learn from all methods. This is over 8 years in the making and constantly growing.

Over 4,600 Videos
and Growing!

You'll get access to over 4,600 videos all categorized for you to help you with your game.  Passes from every major situation, guard retention, transitions, concepts, tons of submissions, and too much to list!  We add about 7 to 25 videos EVERY week!

Access To ALL Custom GrappleFlows!

You'll get access to all premium and user created custom made GrappleFlows. These are interactive mind maps and flow charts with videos that are custom made for certain scenarios to help you get better at your grappling even quicker and help you troubleshoot.  We are working on having GrappleFlows for EVERY section of the Grapplers Guide! These charts work on your computer, tablets, and smartphones.

Create Your Own

You now have the ability to make YOUR OWN unlimited custom GrappleFlows. We have lots of user made GrappleFlows that are very helpful to other users.  You will be able to use all of the features of our specially designed system! We can help you along the way too!

TONS Of Conceptual

If concepts are important to you than the Grapplers Guide is the place for you. We have the most conceptual content in one place. Besides the content we already had, we have filmed A LOT more and are putting it all on the site for you to enjoy and learn from.  Concepts are the things that stick with most people and can be applied usually immediately. We know the Grapplers Guide has more conceptual content than any other site, even YouTube.

So Many Transitions!

We understand how important it is to understand transitions but unfortunately not many people put the time and focus on them!  We have sections covering transitional escapes, transitional guard passing, transitional guard retention, transitional control, and more! Our focus on transitions and scrambles is vast! The Grapplers Guide has a dedicated transitions program!


If your academy doesn't have a fundamentals curriculum that you follow then we have you covered. We have created the most complete and comprehensive fundamental program online with an outline that will tell you everything you should know. This is a great guide to help you get started in the right direction, and as always we are working on making it better and better!

Custom Workouts!

If you're looking for ideas to get you in even better shape for your grappling then we have you covered in this aspect as well.  We have custom made, grappling specific workouts that you can add either outside of your training time or even possibly before or after class.  They are sure to make you work hard and give you that extra push.  We also include hundreds of exercise video demos!

Tracking Sheets and
Performance Articles!

Another thing that makes the Grapplers Guide unique is that it's not just about the video techniques.  We give you additional resources like tracking sheets and performance articles to help you as well.  With the tracking sheets you can keep track of data, goals, notes more specific to your training for different areas.  The performance articles will help you study certain areas with a big focus on mindset.

Competitor Analysis!

You'll also find a section where we analyzes some of the best competitors matches and even analyze parts of their games.  This will give you a chance to study some of the best grapplers in the world under a microscope and use their skills to help you become a better grappler as well.

Live Webinars and
Q and A Sessions!

We also have live webinars along with question and answer sessions just for members so you can get extra feedback and help. These give us a chance to cover special requested topics and also address some of your questions and concerns right on the spot.

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The Content Doesn't Stop There Though! Because There Is Even More...

  • MP3 Audio Tips
  • Create Your Own Personal Training Blog
  • Access To Premium Discussion Sections (On Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning, General Training, Injuries, and More)
  • Access To GG Tube Study/Analysis Section (This is a Hidden Gem of the Grapplers Guide)
  • Access To Even Better Navigation Features
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    And Seriously Tons More!

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There Is Even More For You To Experience...

It's not just about getting videos and content to help you get ideas and learn how to troubleshoot your problems. There is even more. You need the best chance to experience success and we try to provide that. We are also constantly working with our programmers to add so much more!

All Videos Downloadable

If you want to put the videos on your devices without having to use your cellular service or for any other convenience you can easily download each video.

Community Support

This program is intertwined in a very large grappling community with thousands of grapplers from all over the world so if have questions there is a peer to discuss with you.

Save Favorites

You have the option of saving each video to your favorites so then you can easily go back and review the video without having to navigate through the whole site again.

Member Tagging

When talking to your fellow members you can tag their username with an @ symbol and then they will get a notification that you mentioned them. This also happens when you quote a person message as well.

Private Message System

If you need private help or you have any questions that you don't want to be public then you can just send a private message to either one of the experts or to a fellow member. Community discussions are encouraged.

Mobile Friendly Version

In this day and age its very important for websites to be mobile friendly and we have that covered. We have two versions our our dynamic site, both a desktop version and a mobile version. We have you covered!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Just like anything else that I offer, I always offer a money back guarantee. If within 30 days of purchase you feel the program can't help you in any way then I'll give you a full refund. This isn't something I'm worried about though because I know 100% you won't find this amount of content in one place that can help you along with all of the additional resources and features!

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  • Over 4,600 Videos To Help You Improve Your Entire Grappling Game!
  • Access To The Grapplers Guide Exclusive GrappleFlow Mind Map / Flow Chart Software!
  • Community Support From Experts And Follow Grapplers!
  • The Most Diverse And Comprehensive Grappling Learning Resource Created!
  • The Grapplers Guide Is Literally An Encyclopedia Of Content And Knowledge!


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