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Release Date:
November 1st 2016!

You'll Get Access To TONS Of Options For The Following:

Gi And No-gi Passes
Helpful Guard Passing Concepts
Balance And Base Concepts
Posture And Opening Your Opponent's Guard
Passing Transition Chains
Closed Guard Passes
General Open Guard Passes
Lots Of Stack Pass Options
Regular Half Guard Passes
Deep Half Guard Passes
Z-half Guard Passes
Lockdown Half Guard Defenses
Berimbolo Passes/Defenses
Spiral Sweep Passes/Defenses
50/50 Guard Passes
Inverted Guard Passes
De La Riva Guard Passes
Reverse De La Riva Guard Passes
Butterfly Guard Passes
Sitting Guard Passes
Spider Guard PassesX-guard Passes
One Legged X-guard Passes
Rubber Guard Passes
And More!

Release Date:
November 1st 2016!