Here Are The Solutions To The Biggest Guard Passing Problems That Thousands Of Grapplers Face On A Regular Basis!

Problem #1: I'm Having Trouble Keeping My Posture Inside The Guard ...Some Solutions:

The "Sticky Hands" Posture...THIS WORKS!

Does "Stick Hands" Work In The Gi?

Problem #2: How Can I Break Open The Closed Guard, It Gives Me Problems? ...Some Solutions:

Do You Need To Stand When Breaking Open The Guard?

Do I Need To Stand In The Gi To Open The Guard? 

The "Pop Up" Method

The "2 On 1" Method

What About Opening The Guard From The Knees?

The "Hand In The Pocket" Method

The "Chair Sit" Method

Problem #3: I'm Having Trouble Understanding Gripping When Passing The Guard? ...Some Solutions:

Understanding "Dynamic" Gripping When Passing

Problem #4: I'm Having Trouble With My Base Inside The Guard? ...Some Solutions:

Understanding Balance And Base When Inside The Guard And Working To Pass

Problem #5: Can You Help Me Complete My Guard Passes? ...Some Solutions:

Get Legs Passed The Midline Of Your Body

Staying Ahead Of Their Knees

Twisting Their Hand Off Your Hips

Extremely Useful Concepts To Complete The Guard Pass: Control The Hips, Kill The Shin Across, The Redirection

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