These Guard Sweep Concepts Help Solve Some Of The Most Common Sweeping Problems That Many Grapplers Face

Introduction: The Series Of Videos Focuses More On Concepts Rather Than Techniques

Problem #1: I'm Having Trouble Getting Sweeps, Do You Have Any Concepts That Can Help Me Attack Better ...Some Solutions:

The "Block A Limb and Over-Commit" Sweeping Principle

Problem #2:  I'm Having Trouble Closing The Distance From The Guard So I Can Start Attacking My Opponent ...Some Solutions:

Ideas To Close The Distance When You Are Playing The Guard So You Can Begin Your Sweep Attacks

Problem #3: I Begin A Sweep And I Get Close But I Have Trouble Finishing ...Some Solutions:

Ideas To Help You Complete Your Sweep Attempts

Problem #4: What Are Other Ways I Can Get Sweeps That Many Don't Focus On? ...Some Solutions:

Realize That Your Failing Submission Attempts Are Also Great Sweeping Opportunities For You

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