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Insights, Principles, and Theories

  • Get Important Insights On Approaching Your Game To Become More Proficient.
  • Learn Conceptual Strategies So You Can Take Advantage Of What Your Opponent Gives You.
  • Get Ideas On How To Approach Your Grappling So You Can Improve Your Confidence And Improve.
  • Insights On Mental And Physical Approaches To Give You A Better Perspective On Things.

Guard Passing Concepts

  • Learn Tips And Tricks To Help You Complete Your Guard Passes Even Better.
  • Get Guard Passing Concepts That Will Answer Some Questions To Problems You Have.
  • Get Ideas On Mental Approaches And Awareness To Guard Passing That You May Not Have Thought Of.
  • Learn Guard Passing Transition Chains To Some Of The Most Common Guard Passing Options.

Balance And Base Concepts

  • Get Important Balance And Base Tips For When Your Inside Your Opponent's Guard.
  • This Conceptual Area Is A Very Under Taught Focus In Grappling. Learn About It Here.
  • Get Insights On Weight Distribution, Limb Awareness, Posting, And More.
  • Learn A Better Understanding Of Balance And Base In General To Help You Improve Your Coordination.

Top Game Concepts

  • Learn How To Get Better Control Of Your Opponents When You Have Top Positions On Them.
  • Get Ideas And Approaches Of When You Should Move And Where You Should Move When On Top.
  • Learn Important Positional Key Points That Will Help You Improve Your Positional Control.
  • Get Access To Very Important Transitions That Will Help You Exploit Your Opponent's Escaping Movements.

MicroGrappling - Details That People Don't Notice

  • Learn Concepts That Many Grapplers Don't Realize That Should Do And That Could Help Them.
  • Many Of These Concepts Can Be Added To Your Game Immediately To Help You Improve.
  • Get Common Answers To Questions About Problems You May Have Been Having.
  • These Are Small Movements And Concepts That Many Grapplers Don't Even Think Of Doing Or Teaching.

Learn Very Helpful Guard Retention Concepts

  • Learn How To Make Your Guard Much More Difficult To Get Passed By Your Opponents
  • Get Many Ideas And Tips To Retain Your Guard So Then You Can Continue To Attack.
  • Learn About The Unique "Crazy Legs" Retention Concept So You Can Confuse Your Opponent.
  • Get Lots Of Ideas On Transitional Pass Prevention, Retention, And, Defense When On The Bottom.

Become A Submission Hunter

  • Learn Very Important Triggers And Concepts That Can Help You Hunt For Submission Much Better
  • These Concepts Will Help You Attack For Submissions From Many Different Areas.
  • Get Ideas To Help You Attack For Submission While In Transition. This Is A Very Important Subject.
  • Help Make Your Opponents Nervous Of Your Attacks Because They Don't Know Where It's Coming From.

Get Lots Of Transitional Escaping Ideas

  • Learn How To "Escape" Against Your Opponent Before They Complete Their Guard Pass.
  • Learn How To Exploit Your Opponent's Movements So You Can Create Openings And Escape.
  • Get Ideas Of Lots Of Transitional Escaping Situations That Will Make It Harder For You To Be Held Down.
  • Increase Your Confidence Because You'll Have An Even Better Understanding Of Escaping.

The Most Gi And No-Gi Grip Breaking Content Anywhere

  • Get Access To A Very Large Database Of Grip Breaking Content And Concepts For Gi And No-Gi.
  • Stop Your Opponent From Controlling You So Then You Can Attack Them Instead.
  • Get Grip Breaking Ideas From Standing, Inside Your Opponent's Guard, Having The Guard, And More.
  • Improve Your Confidence And Control Because You Have A Better Understanding Of Grips.

Grip Fighting Essentials For Gi And No-Gi Scenarios

  • Learn Strategies To Help You Become A Better Grip Fighter Both In The Gi And Without The Gi.
  • Learn How To Set-Up Grips On Your Opponent So You Can Set Up Better Attacks Against Them.
  • Get Unique Gi And No-Gi Grip Fighting Approaches That Will Frustrate Your Opponents.
  • Learn Grip Fighting Strategies For When You Are Standing And On The Ground With Your Opponent.

Understand Body Mechanics Of Grappling

  • Get A Much Better Understanding Of The Leverage And Control Points In Grappling.
  • Expand Your Mind In Regards To Approaching Your Opponent In A More Analytical Way.
  • Learn About Joint Manipulation Concepts So You Can Get Submission Even If You Didn't Learn Specific Ones.
  • Study An Area Of Grappling That Is Very Important But Actually Very Rarely Talked About On It's Own.

Additional Transition and Scramble Concepts

  • Get An Idea Of What Transitions And Scrambles Are And How To Approach Them.
  • Learn The An Important Goal When It's Comes To Transitions And Scrambles.
  • Throughout This Program You'll Get A Lot Of Transitional Ideas, Movements, And Options
  • Understanding Transitions And Scrambles Is A Key Part In Becoming An Advanced Grappler.

Stand-Up And Takedown Concepts

  • Learn One Of The Most Important Areas To Focus On For Takedowns As A Beginner.
  • Get Ideas On How To Deal With Your Opponent Pulling Guard On You From The Feet.
  • Get Ideas On How To Get A Better Understanding Of What Type Of Stand Up Approach Your Opponent May Have.
  • Get My Thoughts And Ideas On The Controversial Area Of Fighting From Your Knees In Training.

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    A.Yes! All videos are downloadable and are in .mp4 format so you can play them on all of your mobile devices.

  • Q.What Kind Of Payments Do You Accept?

    A.We accept all major credit card. You can choose to make your investment with your PayPal account, or if you do not have a PayPal account then you can just pay with your credit card.

  • Q.Will More Videos Be Added In The Future?

    A.Of course! As members ask questions we will do our best to answer them and we usually do it with video when it’s necessary. Also there are more unique videos that we plan on adding. So you’ll get more videos in the long run then what is even promised now.

  • Q.Can I Stream Video On My Smart Phone or Tablet?

    A.Why yes you can! All videos are mobile compatible and you’ll have access to two version of our site. You’ll get access to the desktop version along with a long that will show up on your mobile device asking you to switch to mobile so you can view the site even better on your phone.

  • Q.How Does Your Money Back Guarantee Work?

    A.Well, if you feel that the content won’t help you or if you feel we didn’t offer you what we said we would then just contact as and let us know and we’ll refund your payment.

  • Q.What Do You Mean "Community Support"?

    A.This is one of the best things about your investment! The program is integrated into a MUCH larger community of grapplers. Well over 2,000 grapplers. So when you have questions, then it’s highly likely you’ll get answers.

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