Now You Can Learn Competition Proven Lapel Attacks That Work!

(This System WILL Stump Your Opponents!)

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Learn Lapel Attacks From The Worm Guard, Lapel Lasso Guard, and Worm Trap! PLUS BONUSES! Over 105 Videos!

  • Worm Guard, Reverse Worm Guard, and Ringworm Guard options that have been used against high level black belts in competition.
  • Worm Trap Attacks From Closed Guard and Top Positions so you can submit your opponents while using the lapels as set-ups and for control!
  • BONUS SEMINAR INCLUDED! You will also get access to a seminar that contains super effective lasso guard and Omo Plata attacks that tie right into each other! Andris is EXCELLENT at the Omo Plata!

Meet Andris Brunovskis!

One Of The Pioneers Of The Worm Guard And A Lapel Wizard!

Many people are not aware but Atos Headquarters Black Belt Andris Brunovskis is one of the pioneers of the modern day lapel attacking system that many see in gi competition. He has used his very effective lapel system against many very high level black belts in competition.  He is a true wizard on the mat and is ready to teach you his unique and effective lapel system. Check out this impressive list of black belts wins he use used his lapel attacks to gain victory in!  More PROOF that this system works!

  • Black Belt Asian Open Champion
  • 2 Time Black Belt Las Veg Open Champion
  • Black Belt San Diego Open Champion
  • Black Belt Long Beach Open Champion
  • Black Belt Pans Bronze Medalist
  • Black Belt Pan Pacific Champion
  • Black Belt Sweden Open Champion

So What's In This Awesome Program?...

The Worm Guard System!

  • You Will Learn About The Major Worm Guards!
  • Learn How To Properly Use The Worm Guard!
  • Learn Important Position Tips For The Worm Guard!
  • Learn Traditional Worm Guard Attacks and Sweeps!
  • Learn Reverse De La Worm Guard Attacks and Sweeps!
  • Learn Attacks From The "Ringworm" Guard!
  • Learn How To Establish Top Position After Your Worm Guard Sweep!
  • Learn How To Counter Common Reactions Against The Worm Guard!

"Worm Trap" Submissions!

  • Learn Worm Trap Attacks From Closed Guard!
  • Learn How To Attack Your Opponent From The Top Position Worm Trap!
  • Submit Your Opponent Using The Worm Trap Tips That You Learn!
  • Get Choke Submissions From The Worm Trap!
  • Attack For Armbars and And Omo Platas From The Worm Trap System!
  • Learn Useful Worm Trap Position Tips!
  • Attack Your Opponent With The Super Slick Wormoplata!

The Lapel Lasso Guard System!

  • Learn How To Use The Unique Lasso Lapel Guard!
  • Set Up Sweeps Using The Lasso Lapel Guard!
  • Use The Lasso Lapel Guard To Establish Your Worm Guard!
  • Set Up Submission Attacks With The Lasso Lapel Guard!
  • Use Your Opponent's Lapels Against Them In A Way They Are Not Expecting!
  • Learn The Super Slick Lapel A Riva Guard!

BONUS: Lasso / Omo Plata Seminar!

  • You Are ALSO Going to Get Access To A Bonus Seminar From Andris!
  • This Seminar Contains Options For You To Improve Your Lasso Guard and Your Omo Platas!
  • Andris Is Known For SUBMITTING People Using The Omo Plata. Learn His Tips and Tricks!
  • Improve Your Lasso Guard With Positional Tips That Will Tighten Up Your Position!
  • The Tips You Learn From This Seminar WILL Help Improve Your Omo Plata Finishes!
  • Learn The Omo Plata Crucifix Finish and How To Get Into It!
  • You'll Learn One Very Small Detail That WILL Help Increase Your Omo Plata Finish Rate!

FREE BONUS! Even More Lapel Attacks! 

As a FREE BONUS we are giving you an additional 50 VIDEOS from BJJ Black Belt Jason Scully with even more lapel content for you. That's over 105 lapel attack related videos. This is the ultimate lapel attack program.  You won't find a more comprehensive program anywhere else! NOT EVEN ON YOUTUBE!

  • More Worm Guard Content!
  • Lapel Closed Guard Attacks!
  • Gi Arm Wrap Attacks!
  • Lots Of Submissions Using Your Lapel and Your Opponent's Lapel!
  • Sweep Options Using The Lapel!


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