These Mount Concepts Help Solve Some Of The Most Common Mount Problems That Many Grapplers Face

Introduction: The Mount Is Considered To Be One Of The Best Positions BUT It's Also One Of The Hardest Positions For Someone To Keep

Problem #1: I Can't Keep Control Of The Mount! Can You Help? ...Some Solutions:

The Importance Of Working To Establish A High Mount While You Are Transitioning To The Mount

Establish A Strong Mount Control Using The "Low Body and Head Cover" Method Of Control

Establish A Strong Mount Control Using The "Low Body and Cross Face" Method Of Control

Problem #2:  My Opponent's Get Their Elbows In, What Can I Do? ...Some Solutions:

The Importance And Usefulness Of Picking At Your Opponent's Elbows When You Have Mount Control

Problem #3: What Can I Do If My Opponent Is Just Protecting Themselves With Their Arms And Elbows In? ...Some Solutions:

Ways To Deal With The "Prayer Hands" Protective Position When You Have The Mount Position

Problem #4: What If My Opponent Is Beginning To Escape Anyway? ...Some Solutions:

There Are Times Where You Should Move Off Of The Mount And Here Is A Very Simple Way To Do That

Problem #5: How Can I Get Control Of My Opponent's Arms So I Can Attack Them Better? ...Some Solutions:

When You Use This "Baiting" Method You'll Be Able To Get Even More Attacks On Your Opponents

Problem #5: I Have Trouble Getting The Cross Collar Choke From Mount ...Some Solutions:

Some Tips To Effectively Get The Cross Collar Choke On Your Opponent's From The Mount Positon

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