These Open Guard Concepts Help Solve Some Of The Most Common Open Guard Problems That Grapplers Face

Problem #1: What Grip Concepts Will Help Me With My Open Guard? ...Some Solutions:

The Importance Of Controlling At Least One Arm

Do You Need To Do The Same With The Gi On?...YES You Should. Plus Don't Become Collar Dependent

Problem #2:  My Opponent Keeps Getting Around My Guard, How Can I Stop This? First Fix Your Mind! ...Some Solutions:

The Power Of Being The Dictator

The Dictator Mindset In The Gi

Problem #3: What Else Can I Do To Make It Harder For My Opponent To Pass My Open Guard? ...Some Solutions:

Don't Let Your Opponent Get Total Control Of Your Legs

If They Pass Your Knees, They Will Pass Your Open Guard

Problem #4: What Open Guards Do You Recommend Someone Start With? ...Some Solutions:

This Is The One Open Guard That You Can Get To Every Other Guard From

If You Are A Gi Player Then It's A Good Idea To Also Start With This Effective Open Guard As Well

Problem #5: What Big Tip Can You Give Me To Play Open Guard Better And Prevent Passes? ...Some Solutions:

It's Very Important To Understand The Difference Between When You Are Playing Guard And When You Are Not

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