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Grapplers Guide - BJJ/Grappling Academy
Coronavirus Relief Project

(Watch the video and read all details below please)

The Grapplers Guide is going to personally add $10,000 to start funding for this program and it will be put into “Option 1”.

Our goal is to raise between $100,000 to $200,000 in funds to help academies in need.  If you are an academy owner and you would like your academy on the drop down list to earn money for your academy then please fill out the form below.

We are very fortunate that the Grapplers Guide is one of the most joined online sites for BJJ and grappling ever and we want to use our positive circumstance to help those in need.  Here are the options below:

Option 1 – Open Fundraiser Apply For Funding – 40% of profits go to an open pot for schools in need 

  • 40% of all non-academy selected sales will go to the “pot” and will be used to help academies in need. These means that no matter what any sales the Grapplers Guide gets during this project time period will be used to help.
  • If a specific academy is not selected in the drop down list then the funds will go into the “open pot”
  • For academies to be considered they will need to apply separately for fundraising and within the application you will need to share your particular situation and story. NOTE: The form at the bottom of this page is NOT a funds application.
  • The academy must accept paypal and all payments will be sent as “goods and services”. We will not be able to send funds in any other way.
  • Anyone from anywhere in the world can contribute to this option and apply.
  • The maximum amount you can get from this option is $4,000 USD
  • You are NOT guaranteed to receive funds from the Grapplers Guide. Each academy is going to be chosen for assistance on a case by case basis.

Option 2 – Specific Fundraiser – Earn Commission – 40% of profits go to specific school chosen during checkout 

  • 40% of all sales that have a specific academy chosen will go to that specific academy.
  • Academies do not have to do an in-depth application for this option. They just need to submit their academy info to get on the list.
  • Your academy will be listed on a drop down list at checkout where your students or those who are joining to help you
  • The academy must accept paypal and all payments will be sent as “goods and services”
  • There is no limit to the amount you can earn from this option
  • You will receive your funds and there will not be a strict vetting process.  This equal to your academy earning commission which ensures it goes to your academy.
  • We may be able to share your funding statistics with you so you can see what you are earning.  This we will keep you posted on.

Important Notes:

  • This is NOT a forever project and promotion. This project will officially begin no later than March 23rd 2020 and it will end on  either April 23rd 2020 or if academies are allowed to open before April 23rd 2020. Whichever date comes first will designate expiration of this offer, unless we choose to continue it.
  • The Grapplers Guide is NOT a 501(c)(3) organization and is a for profit business.
  • This is a for profit business helping other for profit businesses.
  • You are NOT guaranteed to receive funds from the Grapplers Guide if you are not on the drop down academy list.  Each academy is going to be chosen for assistance on a case by case basis for any funds on the “open pot”.
  • We are going to try and help as many academies as we can but unfortunately it will be extremely difficult to help everyone.  If we can help any academies that are in trouble it is worth us helping.
  • The Grapplers Guide does not normally have an open affiliate program and we are fortunate that we do not need an affiliate program to get sales but we want to give people a chance to earn money or get granted money from a proven business model that has a high chance of helping people.
  • The Grapplers Guide at this time is already highly discounted. The price for the Grapplers Guide will be for a very low one time investment of $97 or two payments of $55.  It will be affordable to everyone.
  • Our goal is to raise a minimum of $100,000 to distribute to academies in need. We will have a meter on our site so people can see a visual of our progress. If progress goes extremely well then we will consider increasing our goal.
  • Because a portion of our profits are going towards struggling BJJ academies during these tough times all sales are final and there will be no refunds given.
  • We are NOT taking donations as once again we are not a charity organization. If you would like to donate money then it’s recommended that you give it directly to your personal academy and NOT to the Grapplers Guide. By joining the Grapplers Guide you can get something useful for yourself that will help you while you are in isolation and for when you come back and at the same time help your academy stay open in a time of need.
  • If you are already a Grapplers Guide member you can still participate in this project by purchasing a “gift” membership for someone and selecting an academy on the list. Gift memberships are only available for the one time purchase options.
IMPORTANT: The terms of this project are subject to change at any time. By participating you fully understand this.

**Sorry But Applications Are Now Closed**