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Release Date:
November 15th 2016!

You'll Get Access To TONS Of Options For The Following:

Arm Triangle Choke Escape Variations

Japanese Neck Tie Defenses

Brabo Choke Defenses

Anaconda Choke Defenses

North South Choke Defense

Twister Defense

Guillotine On Ground Escape

Guillotine Standing Escape

10 Finger Guillotine Defense

Arm In Guillotine Defense

High Elbow Guillotine Defense

Rear Naked Choke Defense

Peruvian Neck Tie Defenses

GoGoPlata Defense

No-Gi Paper Cutter Defense

Ninja Guillotine Defense

Baseball Bat Choke Inside Guard Defense

Collar Chokes From The Back Defenses

Gi Paper Cutter Defense

Ezekiel Top Choke Defenses

Cross Collar Choke from Mount Defenses

Cross Collar Choke Defenses

Loop Choke Defenses

Jacare Choke Defense

Armbar From Top Defenses

Arm Crush Inside Guard Defense

Belly Down Armbar Defenses

Armbar Inside Guard Defense

Wrist Lock Defense Ideas

Scarf Hold Arm Lock Defenses

Bicep Cutter Defense

Arm Crush Under Mount Defense

Last Minute Triangle Choke Defenses

Early Triangle Choke Escapes

Other Triangle Choke Defenses

North South Kimura Defense

Half Guard Kimura Defense

Kimura Inside Guard Defense

Americana Defenses

Other Kimura and Americana Defenses

Omoplata Defense Variations

Omoplata Counters

Monoplata Defenses

Baratoplata Defenses

Underarm Kneebar Defense

Regular Kneebar Defenses

Toe Hold Defenses

Vaporizer Defense

Calf Lock Defenses

Heel Hook Defenses

50/50 Heel Hook Defenses


Release Date:
November 15th 2016!