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You're in! Please read some of the important information below about the Throws program coming soon on May 24th 2016!

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This is a very large program dedicated to throwing and taking your opponent down to the ground. Some things about it below:

  1. This has OVER 8 HOURS OF THROWING AND TAKEDOWN content to help you learn even quicker!

  2. You may think you can find everything in the program on YouTube but I guarantee that you can't. You'll get over 103 videos with throws and takedowns from a very large amount of situations. You'll find throws and takedowns using the gi and without the gi as well.

  3. You'll get access to throwing and takedown instruction that will help you attack your opponent from lots of angles and take them down from many common and no so common situations.

  4. You'll learn many important throwing and takedown options that you can add to your game. This isn't a false promise. It's the truth. With over 103 throwing and takedown videos you are guaranteed to find options to help you take your opponent opponent down from the feet.

  5. You'll get access to many different series of throwing and takedowns options.

  6. You'll get throwing and takedown videos for the following areas..

    • Overhook/Underhook Series
    • Russian 2-on-1 Series
    • Pinch Headlock Series
    • Single Leg Counters Series
    • Georgian Grip Series
    • Cross Grip Series
    • Gi Foot Sweep Series
    • Sacrifice Throw Series
    • Pick-Up Throwing Series
    • Gi Throwing Combination Series
    • Submissions Following Takedowns Series

  7. Plus Community support on the program site.

  8. Every video is downloadable

  9. And a lot more!

It's important that you stay on the look out for our email, make sure you whitelist us so then you can get notified when the program is released. If you have gmail then please move us to your priority box. IMPORTANT: This program is very limited and will only be available to grab for a few days when it's released. After the program is no longer offered then the earliest it will be available again will be no earlier than May 2017!

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Jason Scully
BJJ Black Belt
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