Here Are The Solutions To The Biggest Top Control Escape Problems That Thousands Of Grapplers Face On A Regular Basis!

Discussion: So Many People Have Trouble Escaping, Especially Against Bigger Grapplers

What Are We Going To Focus On?

Problem #1: How Can I Get Better At Escaping And Avoiding Bad Positions? ...Some Solutions:

Having The Escape In Transition Mindset! Understanding Escaping Zones And Escaping Triggers

Problem #2: How Do I Stop Getting Caught In Side Control Against Big Grapplers (And Smaller Ones Too)? ...Some Solutions:

Don't Ever Let Them Settle Into Side Control

Problem #3:  Are There Other Ways To Stop Getting Controled From A Guard Pass? ...Of Course There Is! Some Solutions:

Be Aware Of Different Transitional Escape Options

Problem #4: I Get Swept Right Into A Bad Position, What Can I Do? ...Some Solutions:

Realize When You Are Swept And Actually Need To Start Your Escaping Movements

Problem #5: I Couldn't Escape In Transition And They Are Controlling Me, Now What? ...Some Solutions:

Proper Position = Proper Positional Escapes

Discussion: Why Did You Talk So Much About These Topics? ...Here's Why:

Do You Have More Top Escape Problems Or Need Ideas To Improve Your Positional Escaping? We Have All The Answers You Need At!