These Top Control Concepts Help Solve Some Of The Most Common Top Control Problems That Grapplers Face

Introduction: We Surveyed Over 60,000 Grapplers To Find Out The Most Common Top Control Problems!

Understand When "Top Control" Actually Begins

Problem #1: I Can't Keep Side Control! ...Some Solutions:

Important Side Control Position Tips To Keep A Better Position On Your Opponent

Problem #2:  I Keep Losing Top Position On My Opponents ...Some Solutions:

Don't Be Stubborn And Make Sure You Move On Top When Needed, So You Can Stay On Top

More On The Importance Of Moving On Top When You Are Beginning To Lose Position

Problem #3: What's Is One Important Drill Or Movement That Can Help Me With My Top Control? ...Some Solutions:

The "Drill" Is A MUST LEARN Top Movement!

Problem #4: I Don't Know Where I Can Move To When I'm Losing My Position ...Some Solutions:

Some Practical Examples Of Moving To Another Position When You Are Losing A Previous Position

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