These Top Turtle Concepts Help Solve Some Of The Most Common Top Control Problems That Grapplers Face

Problem #1: I'm Having Trouble Controlling The Turtle On Top! ...Some Solutions:

The Importance Of Keeping A Connection On Your Opponent When Playing The Top Turtle

Problem #2:  My Front Headlock Is Weak ...Some Solutions:

Here Are Some Tips To Improve Your Front Headlock

Problem #3: How Can I Open Up My Opponent's Turtle So I Can Attack? ...Some Solutions:

Opening Your Opponent's Turtle "Shell" By Navigating And Using What Is Given To You

Problem #4: I Need Help Getting To The Side Of Turtle After Being In Front ...Some Solutions:

Tips To Spin To The Side Turtle

Problem #5: Do You Have Tips To Get The Choking Grip With The Gi? ...Some Solutions:

Some Tips To Get The Gi Choking Grip

Problem #6: How Can I Improve Getting My Hooks In? ...Some Solutions:

The Usefulness Of Obtaining One Hook On Their Near Side

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