Grapplers Guide vs BJJ Fanatics

Which Online BJJ Training: Grapplers Guide or BJJ Fanatics?

Learning martial arts is now easily accessible through various mediums such as online BJJ training guides. There are many online platforms available today that you can choose to guide you in your training. Two of which are Grapplers Guide and BJJ Fanatics.

Both Grapplers Guide and BJJ Fanatics contain instructional videos that help develop your combat sports skills. However, the benefits you get vary from each platform. You have to make a thorough comparison to get more value from the subscription you’ll be paying for either training guide.

What makes them different from each other? Let’s get to know the pros and cons of each online BJJ training platform so you can decide which one to subscribe to.

The Membership Essentials

These two BJJ training platforms have different ways to become a member. For Grapplers Guide, you only need to pay for a one-time payment, and you’ll already become a member. BJJ Fanatics, on the other hand, does not have a one-time payment membership. You’d need to pay for each course.

The one-time membership from Grapplers Guide, priced at $297, already gives you lifetime access to all training videos. No need for monthly subscriptions or limited access to only a few videos. There’s also the option to pay for the membership via a plan with six payments.

There is no one-time membership available in BJJ Fanatics. Each instructional video you want to learn from costs from $30 to almost $200. Some videos can even go as high as up to a thousand dollars. You will have to buy the individual training video instead of being able to access all of them.

From a price point perspective, the cheaper-costing videos from BJJ Fanatics can be a good start to training. Alternatively, you also have the option to invest in the more expensive strategic BJJ maneuver courses. If, however, you don’t want to pick from a single training video and want to access all courses, the Grapplers Guide gives you more bang for the buck with its lifetime membership option.

Rounding Off the Courses and Videos

Grapplers Guide

The advantage of Grapplers Guide is that the one-time membership payment allows you to access all training videos and courses already. The all-access membership is a good option if you want the complete online BJJ training videos without having to pick a single course.

If you’re new to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the all-access membership allows you to gain as much knowledge as you need to be familiar with the combat sport. Everything from basic to advanced strategies are available for you to learn. With its lifetime membership model, you can even access any other videos that Grapplers Guide will upload in the future.

BJJ Fanatics

BJJ Fanatics becomes an alternative if you only want to access specific courses and videos. Without the all-access membership that Grapplers Guide provides, you have the freedom to pick which videos you want to focus on training.

You may want to master a specific joint lock technique or improve on taking a dominant position. BJJ Fanatics allows you to move in this direction and pay only for the videos you want to learn. The training videos that BJJ Fanatics has are from skilled martial arts practitioners and fighters.

In case you also want to access the training videos offline, both Grappler Guide and BJJ Fanatics have the option to download the videos. There’s also a separate app for Android or iOS for either of the two BJJ training guides.

Throwdown of Guiding Method

Grapplers Guide

If you want a self-paced BJJ learning approach, Grapplers Guide has all the complete tools you need. They provide you with interactive flow chart software, a helpful track course progress tool, student notes, and the ability to save custom courses.

These additional features enable you to determine what to improve with your training or review a related BJJ maneuver. You can review how you handle an opponent based on a specific grappling tactic, for instance, and compare them against the training videos.

BJJ Fanatics

The benefit you get from using BJJ Fanatics is gaining access to more high-level instructors. These instructors can coach you in your online BJJ training. They can help you assess your form and technique and recommend what to improve.

Having high-level instructors is an important asset if you want to move from simple self-defense to competitive martial arts. You’ll learn a lot from them, although you’d have to make sure that the instructor you chose aligns with your goals and fighting style.

Community Engagement

As you train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu via an online medium, it’s important to get feedback from like-minded individuals who also want to train. Asking for feedback is vital in learning martial arts. Whether you’re a novice or already a black belter, you will need to assess your performance in a fight. 

Some of those that you can ask may have the same fighting style as you do or have experience with an opponent’s action that you’ve come across. Engaging with the martial arts community through forums can provide you with valuable feedback.

This is where Grapplers Guide has the upper hand – its forums and commenting features enable you to discuss your progress with fellow BJJ enthusiasts. Meanwhile, BJJ Fanatics does not have this option, so you either train by yourself or learn from the instructors available from the platform.

In Closing

Both BJJ training guides have all the courses you need to develop your martial arts skills. When it comes to learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, training courses and helpful guides allow you to check your form and techniques. It will only be a matter of choosing which features you need to guide you in mastering the combat sport.

The advantage of Grapplers Guide comes mainly with its all-access training model. It also helps that there are a lot of interactive resources that can guide you in learning martial arts. Here’s a brief rundown of what Grapplers Guide provides, citing its advantages and disadvantages:


  • All-access training courses and videos
  • Lifetime membership
  • Interactive software
  • Available learning resources
  • Forums and commenting


  • A limited number of instructors
  • No option to pay for a single video at first

As a similar martial arts training guide, BJJ Fanatics also has its share of pros and cons. The BJJ Fanatics affords you the option to learn from various fighters. However, be prepared to shell out some cash to access every training video from them. To get to know more about its advantages and disadvantages, here’s an overview of what BJJ Fanatics can provide:


  • More choices of instructors
  • Skilled fighters to learn from
  • Ability to pay for only one video
  • Deals and rewards


  • Limited access and expensive to pay for more videos
  • No interactive resources

In this comparison between Grapplers Guide and BJJ Fanatics, you can readily see which training guide will best suit your needs. Do you want to access all videos and learn every possible action to beat your opponent? Have a complete training experience with guides and forums?

Grapplers Guide is the answer. Alternatively, do you want to have a variety of instructors to learn from? Are you willing to pay for each video? BJJ Fanatics can be a suitable option.

As you choose between Grapplers Guide and BJJ Fanatics, weigh in the pros and cons of using each online BJJ training guide. Identify what features you prefer to help you improve your martial arts skills.

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